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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mixing it Up with Quality Ingredients

Wanted a late night sandwich so I threw together TJ's Roasted Chicken Breast and Pastrami on Sourdough Bread with lots of Honey Mustard topped with sliced baked Sweet Potato and Tomato.

Pretty good mini-Dagwood!

Black Lightning coffee at Whole Foods Market too!  Love this stuff!

My new favorite coffee!

2 Beef Brisket Street Tacos and a slice of Roast Beef and Kale Pizza... not bad for $7.

Meanwhile riding back to the Paleo Ranch for supper with Spring Mix, Radishes and Tomato topped with Strawberries and Red Grapes and boosted with a big patty of Ground Turkey Breast Mix topped with Honey Mustard and sided with sliced Baked Sweet Potato.

Washed down with an Ice Cold Santa Fe Brewing Java Stout!

Sorry Gulf Coast  but this is the weather pattern here.

And speaking of patterns, here's a Food Pattern for you.....

To  a smoking hot cast iron skillet, add seasoned diced sweet onion and green and orange bell pepper.

Turn and saute for 3 minutes, then add a double handful of salted kale.

Take 4 eggs....

And add Tabasco, Balsamic and Salt, Pepper, Turmeric and Red Curry Powder...

Add 2 slices of diced TJ's Turkey Bacon, 6 oz of Ground Turkey Breast mix and 4 oz of TJ's Roasted Chicken breast to the skillet mix.

Reduce heat and then add the beaten egg mixture.

Add diced tomatoes coated with olive oil and salt and pepper.

Hello my skillet of moist, seasoned, beautifully colored goodness!

Top with sliced strawberries and banana chips for sweetness and texture and side with a strong cup of TJ's Dark Coffee.

You can wander and you can stray but you gotta keep coming back to the Core of Good Health.

Good Food, Well Seasoned, Simply Prepared.

It may not be the Only Way.... but it is definitely My Way!

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