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Friday, June 12, 2015

Food - Music - Exercise - Tobacco - Shelter - Food...... Repeat

My blog content must be sucking lately cause my ratings are down....

To 8 regular readers from 10-1/2.... Not sure who the 1/2 is but you know who you are.

Oh well, it's my blog and I'll write what I want to..... write what I want to....

And what I like to write about and illustrate is....


I just don't get it.... People are walking around with an extra person on their back and under their belt complaining that diets don't let you eat enough food.

Is this enough food?

That's a 14" cast iron skillet full of fresh veggies - onion, peppers, broccoli slaw, kale, sweet potato, basil AND MEAT - 2 slices of TJ's Pepper Turkey Bacon, 1 link of TJ's Sweet Basil Chicken / Turkey Sausage and a deboned roasted chicken thigh.

Did I eat all that in one meal?  No.... but I ate at least half..... and that's still a lot of food.

Speaking of a lot of food..... another platter from the Santa Fe Whole Foods Market Street Eatery with Carne Asada, Roasted Vegetables, Mexican Rice and Pinto Beans, Pico de Gallo and Guacamole....

for $6.99!

I think I could eat there cheaper than buying groceries..... Hmmmmm.

Rap gets a bad Rap and for some good reason.... all the Cop Killing and Weird stuff I shy away from... but this morning I tried the Everlast station on iHeart radio and found a lot of good selections.

This is one of the raunchiest, nastiest and funniest songs I have heard in a long time.

I don't know exactly what I got.... but I'm staying quarantined just in case....

And I'm taking the appropriate medication for it.

Which puts me walking down a Long and Winding Road......

Oops! Wrong song..... I mean walking down a Lonely Road.

The bottom line on Rap is that most folks are just trying to make some kind of social statement....

Like this one.

After my PIYO Strength group exercise class at Anytime Fitness, I pulled my Red Mule into the tobacco shop to try something new....

And smoked a couple of bowls of Tito's Favorite out on the front porch....

Stayed there longer than I originally planned....

Finally rolled into la Casa.... gotta say.... reminds me of a 

Flowers Gone Wild episode!

Speaking of Going Wild, let's see what kind of concoction we can come up with for the Nutribullet....

Gotta have the 30g of Protein in a scoop of Chocolate 100% Protein Isolate mix....
And a handful of carrot sticks.
A cup of strong TJ's Dark Roast Coffee
Rest of my Creatine mix from the earlier workout
A teaspoon of honey
TJ's Strawberry Yogurt

Sometimes I feel like a Mad Food Scientist!

No.... after tasting this I feel like a Food Genius!

So there's about 40 g of Protein and a load of wonderful fruits, veggies, caffeine and Creatine!

Pair that with another 30g of protein via 6 oz of Ground Turkey breast mix
Couple of small pieces of grilled focaccia
Sliced baked sweet potato warmed up in the skillet
2 thin slices of Fuji apple.

Now isn't that nice!

Lots of food garnished with Olives, Pepperoncini, fresh sweet onion!

Oh well.... the World just doesn't know what it's missing.

I think it would be a better, happier..... and thinner place....

If it ate like me.

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