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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Music - Food - Workout - What else is there to Life?

I've told many people that my ideal death would be to be 85 and have my heart just quit in the middle of a 300# squat.

Guess that's one way to Die Trying.

You Call Me a Bitch Like it's a Bad Thing.....

Pretty Catchy Lzzy.

Been getting the Familiar Taste of Poison lately....

And I kinda like it.

It's amazing how people marvel at the characteristics of a Simple Man.

Being honest and straightforward is kind of a rare thing these days I'm finding.

And believe it or not, after the weird looks and gasps of surprise....

It's pretty well received.

About as simple a snack or dessert as you can get.... mixed nuts with wasabi, raisins, banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of Vanilla Extract.

I'm not in Love....
But the Sex is Good.

Probably the reason a lot of people stay in relationships.
And not necessarily a bad thing.

I used to think that CrossFit WMD in Angleton Tx had harder workouts but the little Periods of Pain that BJ Monger and Crew put together at Praxis in Santa Fe NM are pretty special.

No comments required here.

Love this song.

Sirloin under sweet potato, avocado, grilled artichoke hearts and Fresh Basil.

I do not miss the misery of eating poorly like I used to and weighing 25# more than I do now.

Nice weather!

And nice Hang Snatch.

Praxis has Barbell Classes with personal instruction on detailed lifting techniques and Gary Dinh is a Master Coach of these Movements.

25 minute AMRAP....

Conditioning - Conditioning - Conditioning!

I chased the Tall, Dark and Handsome One for 25 minutes and just couldn't catch him.... falling 13 reps short even doing Single Unders vs Double Unders.

What can I say?

I tried and Failed....

Which is a helluva lot better than Giving Up and Succeeding!

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