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Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas to Remember

Began this fitness journey several years ago and there's no reason to slow down now.

One of  my Daughter's and my Favorites - Rob Zombie -

And one of my favorite songs of his....

And a Life Theme of Mine!

Yep - back at CrossFit WMD for a 2nd time this week!

And this time it's with my lovely daughter - who graciously and courageously agreed to try her first CrossFit Workout with me!

Same pic after the Workout - she not only survived - she Thrived.

No Doubt - Will Black does the best WOD board in the CrossFit Kingdom!

As I've always said, the Warmup at CrossFit WMD is like everybody else's workout!

And a 3 part workout - 

1 min step up Burpees
Deadlift - for 8,6,4,4,2,1,1 reps
12 min AMRAP consisting of:
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with 95# / 65#
6 Box Jumps 30,24 / 20
12 Dips on Rings

Lot of PR's on the Deadlifts - that tells you the training is good and that people are working hard!

Can't tell you how proud I am of my daughter not only for this workout but also for her graduation from UTMB - Galveston with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing!

Now if that's not a Dynamic Duo.... I don't know what is!

And speaking of guys I respect and admire, here's my CrossFit Coach and Mentor, Will Black!  

Thanks Will for watching out for and helping Amy in her first CrossFit workout just like you've done me and countless others!

And to top it all off, after the workout and a shower, I drove to my daughter's house where she fixed me this beautiful and nutritious breakfast with an over easy egg over ground turkey, veggies and brown rice with a side of avocado.

So let's see..... she's beautiful, she can knock out a CrossFit workout on her first try and she's a fantastic cook!

I mean Come On.... How many young ladies you know have 2 cast iron skillets in the kitchen!

And again, has just spent 4 hard years of college including the last 15 months in an intense BSN program....


"Nurse - Because BAD ASS LIFE SAVER is not an official job title".

That's MY GIRL!

Oh yeah.... and Bad Ass enough to have 3 Pit Bulls for Pets!

I gotta tell you - in one way - this has been the BEST Christmas I have ever had.

I'm really proud - because I see that both my kids have grown up to be incredible people...

And that's a good thing.

But in another way - I'm kinda sad - because it's almost like a Chapter in my Book of Life is closing.  

I've done what I needed to do here and it's time to let go.

No..... after more reflection.... Definitely .... this has been the Best Christmas ever.

I feel more Awake and Alive than I ever have at any point in my Life.

Merry Christmas Amy!

I love you and am so proud of you!

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  1. I'm laughing, crying and beaming all at the same time!!!! :) I love you so much!!!! This was definitely a Christmas to remember. I loved talking with you, and the workout was AMAZING. I wouldn't have traded this Christmas for the world.