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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Breathe deeply in Death... but for now... Gasp for Life

It is a theme that continues to present itself to me.

In everyday life, I continue to hear people I am with or near express these little snippets of philosophy and wisdom
that, at the time, seem only tied to the moment, but in reality, are pieces of the puzzle that form....

Dare I say it....

The Meaning of Life.

The post title is an expansion and paraphrasing of a simple expression from one of the trainers at Praxis, Gary Dinh. He expressed it while exhorting the athletes through a particularly difficult WOD that was incredibly cardio challenging.

Understand this workout was occurring in Santa Fe NM, which is at 7200' elevation so you're kinda starting out oxygen challenged.

About halfway through the WOD, after a series of Box Jumps or heavy thrusters or whatever torturous movements we were going through, I was bent over, hands on knees, gasping for air when the Smiling but Sadistic GD spouted his little nugget of encouragement....

"Keep moving.... You can breathe later!"

And there it is....

A Life Axiom.

You can rest.... You can sleep.... You can breathe easy...


Life is meant to be attacked like a 20 minute AMRAP.....

Get in....

As Many Reps As Possible!

There is No Dignity in Death.... Only Triumph in Life!

Spend each day gasping for Breath...

For Life!


  1. Yep!! Like they always say "you can sleep when you're dead"!!

    Love this and you! You're such an amazing writer!!

  2. Thanks Kid! If there's one message I can convey to You and the Rest of the World, it's the Message of living every day like it was your last.
    Leave nothing for regret or chance.
    Appreciate that last breath and the next step.