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Thursday, December 24, 2015

If You Can't Beat 'em... Blonde 'em! - Balayage... Texas Sunset.... New Mexico Storm

I don't even know what to say about this pic.... other than this is probably the one time in my life that I wish I was an Ice Cream Machine!

Just kidding.... That is my Beautiful Daughter-in-law putting a Ninja move on an Ice Cream Cone!

2 beautiful blondes and a Proud Pappy!

One of my goals in coming back to Texas was to get my hair cut at the same place with the same young lady that's been cutting my hair for the last 4 years.

Part of that was explaining to this historically hair fashion deprived 24 year old the concept of "wings".

First step is to take that gray right out of my hair.

Then hair painting aka balayage.... and this girl, Haley Thevenet, at Style Lab in Lake Jackson, Tx is one of the best at it.

So let's see..... a 53 year old guy with highlights and RockTape.

I think that about covers it!

Yep..... SuperBeast was the exact word I had in mind.

Not a bad sunset for LJT!

Followed by an Italian dinner with the daughter.

And a run by a couple of old shopping places....

Love this song..... the perfect anthem for couples that have run the gauntlet and come out the other side.

Yeah.... that hair looks a little better.... less Fro and more Go!

Severe Storm Watch on the horizon for Northern New Mexico.

Will be leaving the hot and humid Texas Gulf Coast and heading back to the snowy mountains of Santa Fe!

Time and Snow wait for No Man!

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