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Friday, December 25, 2015

Which is better? Continuous Support or Continuous Challenge?

Ever been around someone who is always positive?

No matter what you say, they always agree with or at least support you.

They're the type that is enthusiastically endorsing a thought expressed before you even finish it.

I mean you could probably say....

"I wish the whole world would just Eat Shit And Die!"

And they'd be like "Yeah that would be great!"

Or they'd say something like "Aaah - you don't really mean that. You're just having a bad day!"

I would much rather they say - "Why do you think that?"

There is no credibility in their support because it is omnipresent.

And omnipresence in anything is....


Ever been around someone who continuously challenges everything you do or say?

The way you drive, the way you cook, the way you eat, your opinion on politics, religion, the Meaning of Life....

No matter what you say or do it is....

Challenge - Combat - Chaos.

Their challenge of you and disagreement with you is Universal.

And a Universe of anything is....

A Prison.

Combining the 2 extremes forces the mixer to be attentive, compassionate, discerning, intelligent and communicative.

I like to be supported and I like to be challenged.

Too much of either makes Willie a dull or absent boy.

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