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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Standing Alone with Everybody Else

You know it's amazing what you can learn if you just listen.

Was talking with a lady today while hiking and was asking questions, listening to the responses which led to more questions and more responses.

I love learning about other people - about their lives, their loves, their challenges, tragedies and triumphs.

It creates a community of 2.... which is the beginning of fellowship.... which is the beginning of friendship.

In the course of the conversation, she was describing a "Free Dance" class that she went to weekly at a place called Embody Dance in Santa Fe.....

The description of the stage progression of the 90-minute class was fascinating with my fellow hiker's admonition that the only rule was that....

You couldn't violate another person's space.

Which meant not only their physical space but the "journey" that they were experiencing by their body movements through the different dance stages -

No judgement, No comments, No criticisms.... just respect and acceptance.

In her continued explanation of the art of the class, my hiking companion exclaimed another one of those golden nuggets of life.

She said.....

"It's kinda like you're....

Standing Alone with Everybody Else."

And it really caught me by surprise because it kind of expressed the journey I was experiencing of late.

To be a Sole Soul in a Sea of Souls.

To Express Yourself, To Be Yourself, To be that Unique Dancer in the Different Stages of Life.

To Stand Alone in the confidence of your Movement through Life.....

In respect of the Community and Collages around You.

My own little Life Dance has been pretty solitary of late, partly because of the Peace I have found in my move to Santa Fe; but slowly evolving to becoming a member of a Community of Dancing Souls.

Respecting and Learning from the Life Experiences and Snowflake Uniqueness of Each Individual I talk to.

Will I check out the Embody Dance class?


I think I will feel at ease there.....

Standing Alone with Everybody Else.

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