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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Running toward the Pain

It's a statement that requires a little explanation.

I've seen the Army commercial where a squad of infantry are running full bore across an open plain TOWARD an obvious battle.

It is the same courage and mindset that takes a Firefighter INTO a fire when all sane beings are running from it.

As stated in a recent post, we have become a society conditioned for comfort - if it feels good do it.... If it hurts don't do it or go to the doctor and get some drugs or surgery to take the pain away.

First - let me say that I've been around enough Blocks of Pain to know there are different kinds of pain.

To keep it simple and in layman's terms, I'm gonna address 2 kinds of Pain....

Chronic and Acute.

In the same simple way of thinking, I would define "Acute" pain as the pain of serious injury, trauma or disease.

A broken bone, a torn ligament, internal injuries, gunshot, knife wound, cancer.

Pain like this has to be TREATED no doubt. Enough said.

Chronic pain can often follow acute pain.

Arthritis from an old injury, joints or bones that have seen past trauma, long term rehab and recovery from surgery, even migraines or fibromyalgia - all these would fall under my definition of chronic pain.

My contention, My experience, My goal has been to meet and treat this kind of pain....

With a different kind of pain.

The pain and discomfort of consistent, frequent and intense exercise, a diet that is low on inflammation and high on tissue recovery and a stress and sleep management plan that supports the exercise and diet plan.

People are amazed when I tell them how much I do and what I do. From PIYO Strength workouts twice a week to CrossFit workouts 4 - 5 times a week, 4-6 hour hikes twice a week in the mountains around Santa Fe and 60 - 80 miles of cycling per week.

They are even more amazed when I tell them the pain I am in while doing it. Mainly from my arthritic left knee to a deteriorated disc in my lower back to a slowly recovering left Achilles' tendon that was 40% detached but, in the background, always a total body pain of individual muscle soreness from the rigorous workouts.

The explanation is pretty simple.

I have found that managing a little pain encountered in exercise results in a FAVORABLE TRADE for the pain that builds to an unmanageable level when I don't exercise.

As I have said many times before....


Based on many conversations and experiences I have shared over the past 10 years, I am convinced that too many People in Pain take the easy way out in succumbing to Pain Management through debilitating drugs, premature surgeries and joint replacement procedures.

I would be willing to bet that the majority of the above would have been able to address most of their pain issues through a regimen that builds their Mind and Body up - yes - develop the attitude, the mindset to address the pain by building muscle, flexibility and range of motion to combat the pain.

I can't tell you how many times - cause it's nearly everyday - that my back is hurting so bad I can hardly straighten up or my left knee is so stiff I can hardly bend it.

I have to grit my teeth and force myself to stretch and move and then get on my bike and pedal to a workout where slowly but surely the activity, the blood flow, the forcing of oxygen, the slowly expanding and deepening range of movement begins to work its wonders and restore the body to full mobility....


Exercise releases Endorphins - natural opiates that are the beginning of muscle restoration.

That's part of it.

Maybe it's as the good Dr. Hudson, my LJT knee doctor, said in my Tuesday afternoon left knee exam....

"It appears you have made a deal with the Devil with your left knee".

He continues to be amazed at the activity and intensity to which I subject my knee to.

As the good doctor reminds me - Age and arthritis will eventually win....

But in the meantime I will continue my challenging regimen of varied and intense exercise, Paleo nutrition, selected natural supplements and stress and sleep management - and encourage others to do the same....

As I run across the Open Plain....

Toward the Pain!

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