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Saturday, December 26, 2015

TX to NM - Taking an Ice Cold Shower with Miss Stang - Snow Walk to the Plaza

Made the flight from Houston IAH to ABQ right in front of a nice cold front.

Nice view of Sandia Mountain looking down I25S out of Albuquerque.

Miss Stang was looking really raunchy not having a bath for at least 2 weeks, so I braved the 19 degree temps and gave her an Ice Cold Shower and a towel rubdown.

You know it's cold when the wash water turns to ice by the time you pull out of the car wash!

Weekly run to Trader Joe's!

Got a double batch of Ground Meat - 96% fat free Organic Angus Beef and 99% fat free Organic Turkey Breast from TJ's with all the usual suspects to make my yummy ground meat - veggie mix.

While I was whipping up the ground meat mixes, I had a small pot of grits on.

Sided that with 2 eggs over easy 3 pieces of TJ's Uncured Black Pepper Turkey Bacon, a dollop of TJ's Taboule and some chunky salsa and Sourdough Toast.

Yum Yum!

Finished the lean ground beef and turkey - veggie mixes and baked this week's bake potatoes.

Everything is prep'd for many 5 minute meals.

WTF?  3 degrees!

And the Snow Cometh.

You can take the Boy out of Texas....
But you can't take the Texas out of the Boy!

Rosario Boulevard is now a ski slope!

And the Plaza is a Winter Wonderland!

It was freaking cold..... so I hightailed it back to La Casa and got a fire brewing!

Loved my Visit in Texas....

But glad to be back home....

In Santa Fe NM!

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