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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Heated seats - Blizzaks - Fire and Cognac - Open faced Burger the Outback Willy Way!

I gotta tell ya.... I've never had a vehicle with a lot of Creature Comforts - always bare bone cars and trucks.

But MsStang has an Electronic / Navigation package with a kick ass Shaker 1000 Sound System with a factory subwoofer in the trunk and a Comfort Package - 

Which includes Heated Mirrors and....

Heated Seats!

See that little Red Seat symbol in the bottom left.

That means my Ass is Hot!


Awake and Alive.... and Fully Alive!

Love Kristen May's vocals, Flyleaf's story.....

and the background guitar riffs!

With a completely iced Cerillos Rd and AWDs and 4WDs and Subarus spinning wheels, Miss Stang with the low and wide P255/40R19 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32s are staying glued to the ice.

Which is pretty incredible.

I have to say.... having the confidence to take a High Performance RWD Sports Car out on the icy streets of Santa Fe is well worth the $1100 I spent on the tires.

Buying Bridgestone Blizzaks was a good decision.

Getting Rob to keep me company on the drive home.

Now that'll take the chill out of ya!

Now let me show ya a quick, easy and tasty meal!

Let's start with some TJ's asparagus seasoned with salt and pepper in a dry smoking hot cast iron skillet.

Next step is to slice up one of the sweet potatoes I baked earlier today.... add some cinnamon and put a piece of sourdough bread on.

What Have You Done?

In with a healthy portion of the 96% lean ground beef - veggie mix.

Plate everything else and prep the grilled sourdough bread with honey mustard and Thai Chili Sauce!

Flip the patty....  Look at all those wonderful veggies - sweet onion, jalapeno and poblano pepper, carrots, Tuscan Kale!

Put it all together and top the ground meat patty with Grilled Artichoke hearts, fresh basil and tomato and side with raw sweet onion and red bell pepper and kalamata olives.

What Have I Done?

I think I just created an Incredible Meal!

So while Santa Fe grows cold...

I sit by the fire with a tumbler of Hennessy and a Blue Platter full of asparagus, sweet potato and a wonderfully lean, nutritious and delicious open faced Burger.

That's Discovery in Santa Fe on a cold and snowy Saturday night.

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