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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Snow Hike!

It's Sunday Morning!

Which means up and at 'em with coffee and a roaring fire!

And it also means it's Sunday Hike Day!


And it's a Pot Luck Sunday Hike.... or so I was led to believe....

Which means I gotta get busy!

2 Cast Iron Skillets going with yellow squash and egg plant....

With a batch of sweet onions, poblano and red bell pepper, carrots and aspargus already cooked....

and mushrooms, Fuji apple, baked sweet potato and TJ's Sourdough Bread on deck waiting for their time in the hot seat!!!

Nothing fancy about this - just healthy cooking - No oil - just a smoking hot cast iron skillet and a generous seasoning with salt pepper, hot madras curry powder, garam masala, cumin and turmeric!

Thin sliced Fuji apples sprinkled with cinnamon.... I finished them with a touch of butter and a sprinkle of Turbinado Sugar!

And here's the Star of the Show.....

A thick slab of Sirloin seasoned the night before with Adolph's Meat Tenderizer and the same salt and pepper and African Moroccan seasoning described above and forked hard on both sides.....

Hmmm.... that sounds interesting!

Anyway.... the rule of thumb I go by is 1 minute for every 1/4" of thickness for Medium.

I put 5 minutes on one side 4 on the other and then stood it up on edge longwise for a minute each.... and then let it rest for 5.

From the way it disappeared at the top of Picacho, I'd say it was a Hit!

And there's the Gang!

Fantastic Company, Food and Snow - 

Definitely a Discovery Sunday!

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