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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Peaking in Chaos

Another snippet shared by my hiking friend describing the final stage of the Free Dance at Embody Dance in Santa Fe....

When she said it, it was like my mind extrapolated the significance of the phrase into my experiences and learnings in life.

I think our tendency, our conditioning and our upbringing lead us to an aversion for chaos....

Which leads me to want to learn about it and consider it.

So what is chaos?

Well, when you delve into it a little bit.... it turns out there's a lot of chaos's....

If you consider Chaos (mythology)

"In Greek mythologyChaos, the primeval void, was the first thing which existed."

Holy shit... the first thing ever created.... and from Chaos everything else was created.

So No Chaos.... No Beginning.... that's pretty significant.

And then there's the Biblical chaos....

"Chaos, especially in biblical usage, a chasm or abyss

In religion, an abyss is a bottomless pit, or also a chasm that may lead to the underworld or hell.

So like a cliff, a drop off, a void you fall off into, something to avoid - right?.... or maybe a challenge to overcome?

And then from the Scientific realm...

Randomness, a lack of intelligible pattern or combination

Which is a kind of chaos that makes sense.

So what's the point of all this chaos analysis?

Well - for one thing - speaking for myself - I learned something.  Actually I learned several things.... about the different meanings of chaos.

Chaos, in consideration of the above definitions and associations.....

Is a Beginning....


An End....

and the Confusion that occurs in Between.

Kinda sounds a lot like Life to me.

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