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Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Double Trouble!

Got the White Trash down pat...

Working on the 2nd part!

Headed to a Crossfit workout followed by an Olympic weightlifting class so packed some food for between the two -

Cast iron skillet grilled ribeye
Boiled egg
Over medium egg
Heirloom tomato
Pumpkin seeds.

I think that covers most of the food groups.

Still testing the boundaries of my Total knee Replacement with 8 sets of 3 squats finishing with 295# for 3 reps.

And for Recovery -

Romaine lettuce salad with tomatoes, carrots, Red and yellow bell pepper, jalapeño pepper, blackberries, almonds, sunflower seeds
2 open faces jalapeño focaccia bread fingers with honey mustard, salmon, tomato, basil and guacamole.

I may be living in Isolation...

But I damn sure eat good!

But I am definitely....

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