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Thursday, April 27, 2017

It wasn't pretty but I got 'er done!

Had no problems with the front squats but my cardio is just not what it should be so the 5 - 400m runs carrying a 20# medicine ball were not pretty but I averaged about 4 mins a round so was able to rest a minute before the next round to get my heart rate down so it worked out.

Afterwards went to Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen and had a plate of chicken enchiladas.

With the newly formed Praxis Breakfast Club.

Last meal of the day -

Pork chop with Santa Fe style rice with chicken thigh and veggies and mango, strawberries, almonds and pumpkin seeds with a basil garnish.

Probably won't finish all the pork chop but this meal should put me at about 160g of protein for the day.

Tear it down.

Build it back up.

Stronger tomorrow than today.

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