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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

1 year anniversary of my Total Knee Replacement

Yep - can you believe it.... a year ago, I emerged from an operating room at Texas Orthopedic Hospital with a Left Knee Total Knee Replacement.

It's been a fast and productive year since then and I had some goals with the new knee as stated in this February 27, 2016 post:

  • Goals post procedure are in the following chronology:
  1. Walk without crutch.
  2. Walk up / down stairs.
  3. Drive a car.
  4. Attend my daughter's nursing graduation ceremony on April 29th and walk without a limp or assistance.
  5. Ride a stationary bike.
  6. Complete standard / recommended physical therapy / rehab.
  7. Walk 1 mile.
  8. Begin body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, etc.
  9. Get back into stretching and non-impact group exercise classes such as PIYO.
  10. Ride a regular bike.
  11. Start hiking.
  12. Start light weightlifting.
  13. Resume a modified CrossFit style workout with no impact and reduced weight exercise.
  14. Do a "long distance" bicycle tour in the New Mexico / Colorado area - probably will likely do the "Enchanted Circle" loop - Taos, Red River, Eagle Nest, etc.
  15. If I can do long distance walking with a light load without pain, I want to plan to do some backpacking probably along the Continental Divide Trail - in 2017.
I have completed all of these except #14 and #15 which I will work on this year.  In addition, I did my first Rx CrossFit workouts 5 weeks after my surgery and have been doing them ever since.

I have continued my Paleo eating plan and have begun fixing a "lunch" which I eat a little bit of before I go to my workout and then most of the rest of it after my workout at Praxis or between the regular CrossFit class and my Olympic Lifting class which I do on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Yep - you heard it right - Olympic Lifting - like Snatches, Jerks, Overhead Squats and Power Cleans.

This morning was pan-grilled pork chop, basil, strawberries, blueberries and boiled egg.

Post TKR milestones are as follows:
  • 175# strict military press
  • 205# for 5 reps on bench press (projected 245# max for 1 rep)
  • 385# deadlift
  • 295# squat for 3 reps
  • 30" box jumps (3 sets of 10 in a workout)
Today's workout involved a medley of activities including 2 sets of 20 Overhead Squats with 95#

Came back and fixed a massive 16 oz ribeye with supporting salad, veggies and fruit and some wild rice that was finished in the pan drippings.

3 mins on each side of this 3/4" steak in a very hot cast iron skillet gets you to a moist medium.

Remember to let it rest for at least 3 - 5 minutes before portioning and eating.

Half the steak and rice with this meal....

Half for supper.

And finally, my new knee allows me to go out and explore the beautiful world around Santa Fe such as in this Caja del Rio area.

Here's another excerpt from that February 27, 2016 outlining the plan for my new knee - 

"I'm tired of limping around in pain and dealing with all the negative aspects of this left knee and I'm ready for the challenge of the procedure, the rehab and life with a new knee.... whatever that life is.

As with all things, I will adapt, modify and overcome....

Because that's what I do.

And it's not like something a lot more complex than this hasn't been done before...."

Maybe that's why they call me the "Bionic Man" around the gym.

And maybe I'm just "Lucky".

I think that's what they call it when Preparation meets Opportunity.

I'm damn sure gonna make the most of this New Life that has been given me with my New Knee!

I wouldn't have believed it before but can confidently say now.....

The Best of Me is Yet to Come!

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