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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Age CrossFit and Paleo - a good combination!

I've been trying to assess the effect of age on physical performance and haven't really come up with anything but an excuse.

Am I as good as I was at 20?

No - but that really doesn't matter.

I'm still damn good!

Last supper?

No - but it was last night's supper!

Cast iron skillet grilled pork chop, yellow squash and romaine lettuce - Cilantro super salad.

A plethora of exercises for your physical performance challenge!

The double unders are still my weak link but they are coming along slowly.

Weekly batch of veggies.

With a pork chop and 6 oz of chicken breast.

And extra veggies for the next 4 meals.

I'm doing everything I can to narrow the age - performance gap and these kinds of meals help.

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