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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One foot in New Mexico... One foot in Texas... But still a Million Miles Away!

Gotta tell ya.... I'm really torn.... I've been in and out of Santa Fe for the last 18 months and frankly, it's kind of a Love-Hate Relationship.... as it seems to be with all relationships I've ever had in my life.

I love a lot of things about Santa Fe and one of the things I love most is my comfy little Condo in my comfy little Condo compound....

Another thing I really love is the way the culture here really encourages being and eating healthy.

Cast iron skilled grilled pork loin chops with spring mix and accessories is one of my go-to meals.

If you're gonna be depressed, you might as well be....

And speaking of being Beautifully Depressed, my relationship with Texas is Love - Hate also.  I mean it's where I gotta go to make the money, but FUCK - it's hot down dere!

Despite the temps, I been doing the yo-yo on SWA back and forth between ABQ and HOU....

I guess you can take the Boy out of Texas but......

Absolutely the BEST BEER I have ever had in my entire life is the creamy, velvety hammer of a beer know as GOYA at Duel Brewing.

Literally, 1 - 10 oz is about all this Texas Boy can take and still drive home.

1 minute meal - Peel 4 oz of Chicken Breast from an Albertson's roasted chicken and nuke it for 45 secs, throw some fresh basil, mango slices, spicy guac and organic tomato slice on a paper plate and Home Boy gotta great meal!

Yeah - People have claimed I'm a Nomad without a home.... maybe so.

But Life is Good wherever I am.....

And that's Good Enough for Me!

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