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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Say Hello to my Little Outdoor Friend - The Urban Outdoorsman!

My son, Aaron, sent me a video he did documenting a fishing excursion he had in an Urban Environment near his apartment in North Dallas.

I gotta say I was surprised and amazed at how good it was....

Yeah... it's not "Outdoor Channel" quality but considering he had his iPhone taped to a Ducks Unlimited hat, I think it turned out pretty f'g good.

So Hats Off to all those guys who struggle with One Foot in the Corporate World and One Foot in the Outdoors!

I'd say my Son is Keeping his Balance!

And to add the honor of Tradition and Passing it on to the Next Generation to this already well done video, my son alludes to using an H&H spinner bait to catch one of the bass.  This is really significant and sentimental to me because me and my Dad used to roam the rice field canals of Beaumont beginning when I was 7 years old (that's 46 years ago), with Zebco 404's and yellow and yellow and black double spinner H&H's.  We almost always came back with a stringer of nice Largemouth Bass using this time honored but effective artificial.

So thanks Aaron for keeping the tradition alive....

It's now your time to pass it on to your children....

And I wanna be there to share that adventure with the.....

Urban Outdoorsman!

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