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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Making the Most of Every Day!

Danced to a Kick Ass Blues Band that played some pretty Bad Ass Guitar, Sax and Keyboard riffs at El Farol's till 11:30 last night.

Got up this morning with a hankering to take a haul of good food on the Wednesday morning hike so.....

Fired up the Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Skillet and got the Food Show on the Road with red and orange bell and jalapeno peppers and sweet onions.....

Had bought some beautiful Wild Sockeye Salmon last night and seasoned it heavily with my standard mix of S&P and Garam Masala / Turmeric / Cumin and started prep's the rest of the veggies....

Halfway through the Production Cycle with Veggies to Keep in the fridge on the Left and Veggies to take on the Hike on the right..... Grilled up some thin cut Fuji apples coated with cinnamon for a little sweet take on the savory veggies.

Last batch of veggies and the makings of Salmon Sliders on the way with 2 and 2 on that beautiful Salmon fillet and Hawaiian Honey Wheat Rolls.....

Ah Hell Wills - you really going there?

Yep 1/2 the salmon fillet over the veggies with a squeeze of fresh lime and fresh basil.....

The other 1/2 on a couple of salmon fillet sliders with a stack of tomato, guac and basil with a top roll adorned with honey mustard and sriracha!

Now that's some Hiking Food Bitches!

And speaking of Hiking...... we be doing dat!

This lady always seems to find the best most scenic spots for lunch!

And who's this bad ass looking MF'er!

Navigating the Rock Pile...

Yeah - there's definitely some Hiking Studettes out there!

Freaking Gorgeous Day to be out in it!

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