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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Going on a Praxis - Metal Tear Lately

Another Warm-up / Strength Focus / Short Intense WOD cycle at Praxis.

I was in a class of all ladies and as you can see -

I got Smoked!

I don't care - I'd much rather work out with women than men anyday.

Much more motivating.

Speaking of motivating - I've had my iHeart station dialed in on Black Label Society for the past 3 days and it's been cueing up one helluva a concert of Metal!

That is a Double Espresso Mocha with whipped cream at Clafouti's

Told the waitress I wanted the most massive meat and protein plate they had and this is what she brought me.

That'll do Pig....

That'll do.

I spend a lot more than 5 minutes alone but think they're talking about something else which I can also totally relate to cause people have really been pissing me off a lot lately.

Well - that's not really my name but if you insist....

Hello Me!

Gonna dance a bit at El Farol's at the Canyon Road Blues Jam.

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