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Monday, June 6, 2016

What a Wonderful Day so far!

The Wildflowers at the front door of my condo are really busting loose!

I have the most beautiful spread of flowers of any condo in the compound.

Had an incredible 14 min ride across town to PIYO this morning hitting an incredible 33 mph on my Trek 3700 on the Rail Trail. That's smoking on a 25# Mountain Bike sporting front and rear racks and a loaded pannier.  Yeah, the Left Knee is definitely back!

Had an incredible PIYO workout at Anytime Fitness led by the fearless, foxy yet humble blonde bombshell Liz Prehm.

Came back and wrote an amped up blog post and went on a rat killing run to deposit a check, exchange some Skull Candy earbuds (yeah - I already blew 'em out) and bought a Mustang trunkful of yummy groceries at Smith's.

Came back to la Casa and weighed in at a diminished and respectable....

Made a little afternoon spritzer of Barefoot Sweet Red, Fresca and the rest of my Fruit punch Creatine with a squeeze of lime.

And deboned a 4 oz portion of the Smith's Colossal Chicken breast and grilled it in the old cast iron skillet with my African - Asian spice mix, toasted Honey Wheat Hawaiian rolls with Provolone and added tomato and a sauce of honey mustard and Sriracha.
Sided by kalamata olives, fresh slices jalapeƱos and some blueberries to cut the heat of the jalapeƱos.

They say God looks out for Idiots, Old People and Children.

I qualify for all of those if you include the Mind in the tally.

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