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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Black Water Rising in Lake Jackson Tx / Manifesting / One Bad Stang / Necessity is the Path to Discovery!

Oyster Creek in LJT has finally crested!

Up 20' elevation into my daughter's back yard!

Let me tell ya something - I spent a month in April taking care of this mutt.... and anybody knows me knows I won't have a dog.... But But But... if I was gonna have one....

This might be the ONE!

This is a text I sent to my daughter about the dog shown above:

I'm borrowing Blue for a month. I wanna show these Hiking People with these wimpy F'g dogs what a real Texas Big Dog looks like!

He is a Tasmanian Devil / Dumb Ass Hound / Bad Ass Pitbull Mix!

Had a discussion with a lady at Anytime Fitness about focusing on the positive and making positive changes in your life -

She brought up the subject of Manifesting..... in a nutshell, if you can Imagine it You can Become it or Make it Happen.

I brought up the subjects of Quantum Jumping which another lady I had talked to was a big proponent of and Visualization which is what I consider the Old School approach to both of these.

Interesting conversation.

Moving on to more tangible things like the Long Cool Lady in the Red Dress....

Giving the Red Lady a well deserved and overdue Bath!

Don't care what you say or think....

That is One Bad Ass Bitch!

Next subject.....

Found this KICK ASS Rock station out of ABQ!

TJ's flowers always make my day.

No - Not a scene from Poltergeist - which incidentally is the ONLY Ghost - Horror flick I will watch....

They've gone back to France again....

When One Door closes...

You drive down the road a quarter mile!

Gives me a chance to buzz down Guadalupe to the Bumble Bee and give it a try!

1st Trip to this Place EVER!

House salad with Pork Carnitas and the rest of my Creatine!

Now that's a great Post Workout Recovery meal!

Delicious - I'll be back!

I wanna hit you with a Subtle but Important Life Concept here by asking a question.....

Would I ever have gone to Bumble Bee if Clafouti's wasn't closed?

Let me help you out -

Very few of the Positive Changes or Events have occurred in My Life without there being a Change, Roadblock, Crisis or Closure that caused that Change.

Think about it.

Can this day get any better?

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