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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Back to the Beginning

Decided it was time to get back into the CrossFit workouts.

So made the long ride in the morning sun to Praxis and knocked out a nice Rx workout with the ladies.

Prior class was just finishing up.

And Master Zen Sheila came into to run a near All-Woman class save for one All-Man!

Ended up at 185# for 5 reps which was not too bad considering I hadn't benched but twice in 6 months and both of those were just light workouts.

Funny on the Evil Wheels my shoulder was grating so bad the instructor Sheila looked at me and said -

"What's that noise?"

I said - "That's my shoulder - I told you it was bone to bone!"

She just winced and walked away.

Yep - I think that may be in my future path.

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