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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What did Zeus say to Narcissus...

If you wanna look good.... watch what you eat!

Well... not really but that fits this post.

Ground turkey breast mix patty with sweet mustard over home grown tomatoes.

Grilled Pork Chop with cantaloupe and salad and brown rice and sweet potato.

What did Zeus REALLY say to Narcissus?

"You better watch yourself!" 

Love it...

But don't love these Texas Gulf Coast Temps.

Temperature advisory for heat index to 108 for several days....

That's hurting hot!

I'm getting to know knee structure pretty well....

Had to have one of my sister's masterpieces....

Bacon, Egg and Tomato Sandwich!

That's a Work of Art!

And speaking of knees and what goes in your body.....

This is the Protein Mix I drink except in Chocolate.

And it's got all the good amino acids including L-Leucine which is directly involved in the collagen cycle of rebuilding soft tissue damage in the body!

Here's a 5 oz 30g of protein grilled Ahi Tuna Steak over a mass of Spring Mix and other veggies.

Followed by a dessert of Mixed Nuts, dried cranberries, banana chips and fresh red grapes.

Country Boy Rap.... I've talked about it before....

Hey.... Build it and Sell it.

Go Big Smo...

You gotta believe You're Beautiful.....

Otherwise no one else will.

More beauty building.

Prep'd Ground Turkey Breast Mix in the back with all kinds of good veggies in it - including poblano pepper, jalapeno pepper, sweet onion and carrot sticks.

A bed of Spring Mix, tomatoes, radishes, carrots and boiled egg.

Pork and Venison Sausage and baked sweet potato with cinnamon.

And a patty of the Ground Turkey Breast Mix.

Paired with a fruit punch Creatine....

This is a wonderful meal.

Narcissus would eat this.

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