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Friday, July 10, 2015

Building a Memory....

With my upcoming knee surgery, I've been thinking about the approach I've been taking over the past few years with my lifestyle - Diet, Exercise, Work Schedule, Stress Management, Sleep Pattern and Duration.

Am I doing the right thing for longevity?  
Would my knees last longer if  I didn't exercise as much or as intensely?  
Is it worth it to subject myself to the grueling workouts of CrossFit?  
Shouldn't I splurge more on my diet?

The short answer is that I have to be myself.....

And I have always been an Extremist.

Whatever I do, Whatever I commit to...

I go at it with a singlemindedness and tenacity that would do a Wolverine proud.

But there's more to it than that.

I find great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment and pride in the struggle...

In the challenge that the lifestyle I have chosen offers.

And I can see the benefits of my Labor and Commitment.

There will come a time when I can't maintain the high level of intensity and activity that I now enjoy.

There will come a time when I will have to remember what it was like to tense up and drive from the ground on a max Deadlift, to knock out 15 strict pull-ups or to swing a 53# kettlebell over my head.

But for now..... I am building that Memory....

And will continue to Build that Memory until Reality is just a Memory.

For all those out there that Dare to be Different....

That make themselves Different through their commitment

To the Discipline of their Diet, Workout and overall Lifestyle.

Remember this.....

You will not Forget what you have achieved.

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