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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sometimes you just have to be amazed... And Reflect

Check out these stats. I am amazed at the human body.

On my 4 hour bike ride, I took in almost 4 quarts of liquid which is about 8 pounds. I still lost 7 pounds on a 4 hour ride which means I sweated 15 pounds or nearly 2 gallons of liquid or 1/2 gallon per hour...
And it wasn't even that humid... Only 54% humidity.

The human body is an amazing vehicle and I am redlining the sonofabitch everyday!

Is that crazy or what?

So afterwards, I ate a banana, a peach and several slices of cantaloupe, 2 glasses of Sangria made with brandy and triple sec (a special concoction of my sister), a bowl of red beans and rice, a piece of chicken and a piece of grilled yellowfin tuna.

Currently, I lay here in an endorphin-food - alcohol stupor reflecting on the day...


It was a good day...

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