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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Knocking the hell out of a day...

Rain Rain Go Away
From Angleton...

And Santa Fe!

Be in your own....

Paging Dr. Hudson....

What's wrong with Willie's knee?

Nothing that a little workout can't fix!

Back to my old lifting grounds.

And speaking of grounds...

This tree was directly across the street from the duplex I lived in...

Meaning the produce section in the new HEB in Lake Jackson is where my house used to be!


No where in Santa Fe can I buy ribeye steak for $3.97 a pound!

Or Ahi tuna for $6 for 12 oz of fillet.

Whoa dude! Why so serious?

Aaaah.... I see.... Cut, Color and Highlight.

Carry on my wayward Old Man.

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