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Monday, July 6, 2015

Fireworks - Beach - I never wanna be like that - a Birthday WOD!

Front and Center at the Brazos Mall for the Lake Jackson Fireworks display!

The Kid is all grown up... probably watched these fireworks with her at least 15 times....

And I have to say.... this was the best of all!

I just can't seem to Tear Away from the Texas Gulf Coast!

Speaking of the Texas Gulf Coast.... there she be!

One thing I don't miss about Texas is the Big Bodies!

Don't know this guy from Adam....

But I did watch his normal sized wife help lift him out of a beach chair several times just so he could stand.

Don't know the situation.... maybe he has medical problems.

Maybe he has the same problem as 80% of the population....

He eats too much.

I was there once.... well not there.... but on my way.

Until I took a stroll down Paleo Lane.

And a Rip through a hundred CrossFit WOD's.

Speaking of WOD's, this was a Will Black Birthday WOD.... with 41 of everything....

I modified the Box Jump to a Box Step Up and Back but Rx'd everything else and came in dead last.

Which was fine by me.... cause I finished.

Hey.... 25 mins 20 seconds of continual intense, lung busting exercise is pretty good.

I sweated my way down to a new recent low in weight of 169.2

That's Beach Body weight.

And this is the most important part.... what you eat.

Spring Mix with carrots and radishes and my sister's home grown tomatoes and an avocado drizzled with balsamic, sprinkled with Salt, Pepper and Kicking Chicken Seasoning, with deboned smoked chicken thigh and leg from my brother in law's grill with Fruit Punch Creatine with a healthy scoop of Chocolate Protein mix.

Gotta make the most out of life no matter where you are and this has been a great return to the Texas Gulf Coast.

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