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Monday, July 13, 2015

Last WOD for a while

Excellent salad with cast iron skillet grilled tuna and baked sweet potato.

I've been working out hard in anticipation of my knee surgery to remove a bone spur on the inside of my left knee.

The research that I've done and my own instincts tell me that I need to go into the surgery as strong and fit as possible.

It makes the recovery and rehab that much easier and faster.

So I knocked out 8 sets of box squats with the last 4 with 8 reps with 225# and then a Fran WOD of 21-15-9 Wall balls with 20# ball and Pull-ups with a 100 rep ab may sit-up buyout.

Nice little workout following my 48 mile ride in the heat yesterday.

So tomorrow morning I show up at Texas Orthopedic Hospital and Dr Woods will remove the bone spur and I'll start the painful recovery to get back to where I was today.

Kinda sounds like Future to the Back to me.

No 1.1 jiggowatts of power required.

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