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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Coming to terms with Mr Pain... And Everybody needs Somebody Sometime

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday, the pain level in my left knee was at the point where I called the orthopedic surgeon's office and asked the administrative nurse if this is the way it was supposed to be.

The good Dr Woods called me back and to make a long story longer, here's what happened:
  • He clarified the post-operative instructions.... 
  • Don't do anything!  
  • Leave the Ace bandage on the knee... it is providing compression on the swelling.
  • He said I could put ice over the Ace bandage which I told him would be difficult and not get the bandage / dressing underneath wet, which was a No No.... don't get the incision wet.
  • He authorized taking the prescribed pain med, Tylenol 3, more frequently.
  • I asked about the length / location of the incision and he said there were "several" bone spurs he had to remove.
All day yesterday, I took the pain meds more frequently and, what do ya know, Mr. Pain at least got out of my face and took a seat about 3 rows back.  That I can handle.

I had my Red Stallion in the shop getting a windshield replaced from a rock strike that occurred while driving down to the beach last week.  Yeah.... I know.... my poor Mustang is jinxed down here.  Last time I was here it was a hailstorm.... this time a rock strike.... $500 out of pocket each time.... gonna create a line item on my budget for car insurance deductible while visiting Texas.  

My brother in law took me to get my car and just like with the hail damage, Gulf Coast Collision in Angleton Tx, did a fantastic job.  They even detailed the car for me.  It looked like a Red Diamond sparkling in the sun when I got there. Called the Gulf Coast Collision manager, Daniel Alamia, and thanked him and his team for another great job.

Wasn't sure if Mr Pain was gonna let me drive home, but once I wormed my way into the seat and tested my leg on the clutch a couple of times, I figured it was a Go.

So I drove the Red Stallion back to my sister's house no prob.

I took a dose of pain meds at 7:00 last night and went to bed and immediately to sleep.  I woke up at 10:30 and, lo and behold, the incessant, throbbing, deep bone pain I had been feeling for 36 hours straight.....

Was gone!

I took one more round of pain meds and then slept through the night till 6:00 am..... a healing 11 hours of sleep.

I woke up with much less pain in the knee, much more strength and flexibility and a new lease on life.... and some hope that, indeed, I might make it through this.

Which brings up another point I wanted to talk about.

It's no secret I'm a pretty Independent guy..... I live alone and basically do everything myself.... cook, clean, shop, whatever.

But it's times like these that make you realize.... and appreciate.... having the help and support of loved ones.

From all the phone calls and texts of support and encouragement from my out of town family and friends....
To the wonderful medical insurance my wife provides me....
To my daughter who drove me to my surgery....
And most definitely, to my Sister, Vicki, and Brother-in-Law, Red, who have housed me, fed me and driven me to and fro.

To my friends and family, Thank You, for helping me in my time of need.

Now.... let's eat!

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