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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surfside Beach and Jetties - House of Blues - Best Chicken Tortilla Soup!

Walking in knee and thigh deep surf is one of the best things for my knee. Did it all summer last year.

There's something about the warmth and agitation of the water and having to pull your legs up and the cushioning effect of the water while stepping down that makes it the perfect therapy for me.

After my hour of physical therapy in the surf, I took a stroll down one of my beloved structures in Brazoria County, the Surfside Jetty.

There's all kinds of ways to get your fishing tear the 1/2 mile out on the jetty.... 

And some of these carts are pretty elaborate!

Watched this lady catch and swing up a small redfish onto the jetty!

Lots of wildlife out on the jetty like this Great Blue Heron.

From the Surfside jetty to a 9:00 concert of the Molly Ringwalds at the Houston House of Blues.

Great 80s cover band that played all the songs I remember.....

Then an after party in the Foundation Room with a trio called the Pick Pockets who moved it up a decade to 90's covers.

After 3 hours of dancing and only 1 meal yesterday, I finally had a legitimate wakeup weight below 170.

The left Achilles Tendon is much less painful and stronger but boy, the bulge is not going down.

Dr Hudson said it is "reconstituting"..... What?  As an Alien?

El Toro's Chicken Tortilla soup made to my order - Cut the Cheese, Cut the Rice, Double Veggies with diced avocado and lots of fresh sliced jalapenos.

I've given up Candy and I haven't had Sex in so long....

Well that's a Story for another Day.

Carry on.

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