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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Most Men live Lives of Quiet Desperation.....

and go to the grave with the song still in them.  Henry David Thoreau

I'd like to modify that quote a little bit or at least borrow from it for my the purposes and theme of this post.

Most People live Lives of Quite Desperation.... and Create Needless Drama to try to make up for it.

My visit back to Texas has reminded me of this sad State of Being.

It seems everywhere I turn, everyone I talk to, every situation I encounter....

I am met with stories, events and sharings that show me that People just need to adjust their controls on their perception of the severity and importance of the things that happen to them and most importantly, how they react to those things, events or encounters.

Maybe it's what happens when we live in the Land of Plenty which is what Texas is right now.

Where we have Continuous Employment at a Pay at the top of the Scale, live in Nice Houses, Drive Nice Cars and eat too much food.... and have too much stress and too little exercise.

Gotta love the Southern Community and Culture where People shout at their neighbor across the street and cuss them and their family out because a vehicle was parked legally in the street, but in a manner or position that triggered their ire.

Or a blown up reaction to a dog taking a shit in their yard.

You know, it dawns on me, that this sort of behavior, may be tied to Economic Class Structure.

Why is it less likely for better educated Professionals - like Doctors and Lawyers and CPAs - to have petty arguments with their neighbors or have loud shouting scenes in public or to just lose control of themselves in general.

I've always contended, and probably a lot of shrinks will agree, that most behavioral dysfunctions, are caused by lack of self esteem.

Those that strive to, and succeed in..... accomplishing things such as Higher Education, Jobs and Occupations that require more Skill and Responsibility.... probably have a better opinion of themselves compared to those who don't.

And those who don't see their lives slipping away in a never ending conveyor belt of meaningless events and they take whatever opportunity they can....

To Make Themselves Heard.... To Make Themselves Matter.... To Whoever Will Listen....

Under whatever silly circumstances are presented.

I know this is true.... because I've been there.... and done that.

Until one day, I just got tired of it and I moved away from it.

That was the first day....

Of the Rest of My Life.

If you are suffering blood pressure spiking, needless drama and emotional outbursts in your Life....

Just Stop and make a Self Assessment:

Are you happy with what, who, where you are, who you're with?

If the answer is No to any of these or any other significant conditions in your life, then ask yourself if you can or want to do anything to change it?

If the answer is No.... then just accept that your life is gonna be less than what you thought it was gonna be based on some past perspective....And find a way to Stop making Yourself and Everyone around you miserable with your dramatic reactions and over responses to menial and everyday disturbances in life.

If the answer is Yes, then develop a Plan to improve / change the condition that seems to be affecting your Self Esteem.

For me, it was Simple.

I just gave up.

I gave up trying to be something I was never gonna be.

The day I did that, it opened up a whole New World to me.

and I have been happier ever since.

Leave Drama to TV....

And Just Live and Love your Life.

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