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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Morning WOD and Knee Bone Spur.... 'bout time for a 100000 mile tuneup

Back at CrossFit WMD for the 8:00 am workout.

With the hanky left knee, I decided it was best not to try a 1 rep max and cut it off at 245 for 5 reps.

But the AMRAP was a different story...

14 min AMRAP
14 Ring Dips
7 Thrusters at 95#
14 SA KB Snatch with 35#

Knocked out 4 rounds and 4 reps and showed the youngun's how it's done!

With a hot blonde riding a bomb looking over my shoulder and Godsmack and Korn blowing out the Box walls courtesy of Coach Phil....

The writing.... and sweat.... was on the floor!

Great Workout!

Now for the bad news...... or the good news depending on how you look at it.

Have had a problem with the Sartorius muscle - Gracilis tendon - Semitendinosus tendon triplex hanging up on something on the back inside of my left knee.  Locks up my knee and I have to manually "unhook" the tendon complex from some unseen appendage in my knee.

Check out this MRI of my left knee.

See that headlike projection on the far left of the circle?

That's an osteophyte.... in layman's terms.... a BONE SPUR about as big and long as the last digit of your pinky.

That's what has been hanging up the muscles / tendon on the inside of my knee.

What am I gonna do about it?

Next Tuesday morning, Dr. G. William Woods of the Fondren Orthopedic Group is gonna make a 1" incision on the inside of my knee, separate the Sartorius muscle and the Semitendinosus tendon and chop the bone spur off and remove it.

Will be able to walk in 3 days and be back in workouts in 4 weeks.

The whole MRI / Doctor consult was pretty interesting.....

Turns out I don't even have an ACL anymore... the arthritis took care of it and Dr Woods told me that I have the worst knee he has ever seen.  He said all the arthritis and bone spurs was what was holding my knee together.

Dr. Hudson, my Lake Jackson orthopedic doctor, said he was amazed I was doing the high level of activity I was doing considering the highly arthritic condition of my left knee.  He said most people would have been immobile years ago or had the knee replaced.

I told them both I don't need a knee replacement..... not yet.

When I can't squat 315 and I can't walk without a limp..... then I'll consider it.

Let's just consider this little bone spur removal procedure a 100000 mile tune up.

The Best of Me is Yet to Come!

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