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Thursday, October 22, 2015

No Dogs - Women Only!

I had to laugh at this Meetup notice for hiking on several levels.

Buckmen Mesa - No Dogs - Women Only

How great is that?

But there is a part of this little humorous notice that I want to focus on.

And it's not Women and Hiking.

It's Dogs and Hiking!

Just to refresh your memory, I do have an opinion on Dogs.... well not Dogs.... it's not the Dogs that are the problem....the problem is....

Now with that little piece of commentary history brought to the present, let me give you Part 2 as it applies to Dogs and Hiking.

Let me make this simple.

They don't belong together.

Let me make this simpler.

DON'T BRING YOUR FUCKING DOG HIKING...... at least not a Hike that I'm on.

This point was really brought to the forefront on the hike I took last Sunday.

It was a wonderful hike in the aspens from the road to the Santa Fe Ski Basin starting at the Black Canyon Campground and looping up along ridges with beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristos.

And guess what?

There were no dogs on this hike.

Several people remarked about how quiet and tranquil it was.... how they could hear the birds singing and the wind whispering through the trees.... and how much they were enjoying the hike.

I listened to several of these comments over the course of an hour or so.

And finally I couldn't hold back anymore....

After another positive comment on the sanctity and peace of this particular hike at a stop where several were gathered around, I let the dog out of the bag....

"You know why it's so quiet? You know why you are hearing birds singing and the other sounds of nature?" I quipped.

"Because nobody brought their freaking dog! People aren't hollering at their dogs running all over the place and we're not having to dodge the 4-legged bastards as they run uncontrolled up and down the trail".

Amazingly, several people nodded in agreement and there was even a comment from our hiking leader...

"It's something to be considered." 

Well consider this.... all you dog loving hikers.

If one of your little precious 4-legged creatures takes one of my legs out from under me on a hike, if I'm able to get back up on 2 legs, I'm gonna kick your dog's ass so hard, you'll have to catch a plane to Dallas to retrieve it.

Women on Hikes are a Blessing.

But leave the Fucking Dogs at la casa!

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