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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A hike in the colors and clouds Part 1

I got up this morning with one thing in mind.....

Coffee!  Cause that's always what's on my mind first thing in the morning.

The 2nd thing on my mind was....


Cause I had a hike planned with the Santa Fe Hiking Meetup Group.

The 3rd thing on my mind was....

Food for Hiking!

Cause despite what one of my hiking compatriots thinks.... part of the hiking experience is good food.

For 2 reasons - first, you need some nutritious, comforting food to fuel you for the rigors of hiking.... and second, it's one of the few times you can indulge yourself in something you might not normally eat cause you know you're gonna burn off the calories.

So with that in mind.... here's my hiking throwdown meal!

Cast iron skillet grilled eggplant slices.

A link of Trader Joe's Sweet Basil Chicken - Turkey Sausage on the top....

2 slices of TJ's Uncured Peppered Turkey Bacon on the bottom

Out with the eggplant and give 'em a dollop of Honey Mustard....

On deck is a couple of small baked sweet potatoes diced and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Throw them in between the Meat Gang.....

What else?

How about a half an Orange - Cranberry scone (my cheat treat), a bag of carrots and red bell pepper slices and a bag of mixed nuts, dried fruit and banana chips.

And as for the skillet makings, let's make a couple of eggplant sandwiches - one with the sausage, one with the bacon, both covered with arugula, tomato and avocado and a drizzle of EVOO and a sprinkle of S&P!

Now that's a Hiking Meal!!

Go North my Son from the Aspen Vista trailhead!

Our own Rock Star Hiking God and Professor of Hikeology Dave Gold got the 19 hiking souls together....

And away we gooooooo.......

Naturally, I had to break out the Tunes and thought Metallica was perfect for this steep ascent.....

Yeah.....Wherever I May Roam.....

That's about right!

Dave took us straight up into the clouds and mist and mysticism of a fall day in the Sangre de Cristos....

Yes.... it gets better.... stay tuned and check out the next post!


  1. The total recipe - food crafted with care and a great hike in the mountains.

  2. The total recipe - food crafted with care and a great hike in the mountains.

  3. So the "bread" for the sandwich was the eggplant?? Yummy!!

  4. Yep - it's a great substitute for bread - you should try it sometime! You know me - I'm always experimenting with food and this experiment was definitely successful for my taste buds!

    1. Yeah I love it. Sounds yummy. Haven't had eggplant since we lived in the duplex. I forgot what it tastes like.