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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Road Trip to Albuquerque was a Wonderful Weekend

Have I mentioned that New Mexico seems to love their alchohol?

Even seen a walk-in beer room at a gas station?

How about a wall of liquor?

I rest my case.

I stayed at the Days Inn on Central Avenue in Albuquerque and made the short walk down Central.

Kind of a cool look at the walk under Broadway.

A view down Central Avenue in ABQ.

Went to the Launchpad on Central Avenue and caught a couple of the local bands.

But there was no dancing....

So I mosied back up Central to Effex which has 3 dance floors..... one of which is outside!

Yay... I loved dancing under the moonlight in the 55 degree temps!

And of course, there were the go-go dancers to accompany the dance crowd.

Apparently Central Avenue turns into a Block Party after 10:00 pm on Saturday night.

The police blocked off 2 blocks, the food trucks moved in and set up shop and all was right with the world.

This morning I got up and loaded up and eased down to the Coffee Shop on Central.

A simple bacon and egg breakfast with toast, butter and jam.

So a 2 day CrossFit competition, a night on the town and coffee and breakfast on Central Avenue.

I gotta tell you.... before this weekend I was kinda questioning my decision to move to Santa Fe and New Mexico in general.

This weekend put that decision back in the WIN column.

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