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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pissed Off and Mad About It!

About what you ask?

The total lack of Rock Music in Santa Fe!

It's absolutely killing me!

Probably partly because I am alone all the time, Music has become my Mistress.

And this is no silk and lace Wallflower Child Mistress.

She is a Leather Clad, Lean, Muscled Workout Beast with Long Hair that puts down a lot of Food, Coffee and Alcohol, dresses to show what she's got, says what comes to mind and comes with an 18 wheeler of baggage.

And, based upon my listening pleasure lately..... she probably comes from Texas!

She's definitely got her problems and split personality but what Woman that ever existed doesn't right?

One thing that's not pissing me off lately is that slow cooked Pork Roast I fixed last weekend.

I ate it for 3 days and paired the delicious mixture of meat, veggies and broth with a crisp salad and fresh fruit.

I'd like to say I'm making a Comeback but the progress, if there is any, is so slow, I'd have to say I may be just fighting to HOBBLE in place!

With the following injuries in the last 15 months - 

torn left groin muscle (pectineus) last August
torn left Achilles tendon in February
left knee bone spur May - July
Surgery - 3" incision - in July to remove huge bone spur

I'd have to say I dug a pretty good hole for myself.

And Time and Age is not on my side!

Add a huge pattie of Ground Turkey Breast Mix to the salad and side braised Pork Roast and Veggies.

It probably took me a total of an hour to prep and tend to the Braised Pork Roast and Veggies during the 6 hour cooking time but I ate off of it for 4 days.... at least 8 - 10 meals.

That's the way you Manage Time for Healthy Eating!

I told you I like all kinds of music..... How 'bout a little Classical to get the morning started?

There it is again.... I told you I ate this combo all week.

I don't have a problem eating the same meal several times in a row especially when it's what my body needs and my palette wants at a particular time.

This week I wanted Braised Meat - Veggies - Broth and Salad!

Yep - I didn't realize how big of a part Music plays in my Life.

She is my constant companion and confidante.

I love to listen to it but would really like to see it performed live at least once a week....

And I got to tell you Santa Fe NM is not the place for that.

If I can't find a place within an hour's drive of Santa Fe that offers a live venue for this type of music, I may have to consider moving.

Yep - it's come to that.

I can't live without my Rock Music and Santa Fe NM doesn't have it.

And I'm.....

Pissed Off and Mad About It!

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