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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Protein - Planning - Preparation - Paleo

One of the common mistakes I continue to hear about and see people making about their general health and fitness is the fact that they simply don't understand the importance of eating enough protein.

Eating sufficient protein curbs your appetite for bad actors like carbs and sugar and ensures that you have the building blocks to repair your mind, body and spirit from the rigors of everyday life and physical stresses from workouts or additional physical activity.

The best way to get protein IMHO is through lean meats but if you just can't do that or feel like you need a little more, a protein supplement can come in handy.

This is the one I use.

And I'm always looking for the cheapest and best sources of protein like this $3.99 / lb New York Strip steak.

And regarding proteins, another mistake people make is not realizing how important it is to prep proteins properly. 

For me and this steak, that means a layering of meat tenderizer, salt, pepper and a mix of curry powder, garam masala, allspice and cumin.

I coat the meat and spread the spices evenly with my hands and then fork the seasoning into the meat for tenderizing and taste.

I'll let this steak marinate in this dry rub for 24 hours before cooking then put 3 mins on each side in a hot cast iron skillet and let it rest for 5 mins.

Guaranteed - it will be fork tender and tasty.

Another thing about proteins is that you need a variety.

I love salmon and try to eat it at least 3 meals a week.  Here's a nice fillet of wild sockeye salmon coated with salt, pepper and my garam masala mix.

And here's a pairing of salmon fillet with pre-tenderized pork loin, wild rice, cheddar cheese chunks and baby bella mushrooms with a nice spring mix side salad.

So try adding a few P's into your life....

Protein - Planning - Preparation - Paleo.

I think you'll find the little bit of extra effort worth it.

You will look better,feel better and, most importantly, be better.

And that's what Life is all about.

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