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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Swrve Pants - Polo sweater - Pancakes and Paleo

When I was on my 56 day 2350 mile Pacific Coast Bicycle Tour in Summer 2012, I laid over in San Francisco for 5 days.  During that 5 day stay, I rode all over San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge 3 times, explored the Marin Headlands on my bicycle and also happened on a gem of a bicycle shop - Huckleberry Bicycles -

One purchase I made from this shop was my Swrve cycling pants - probably the most comfortable pair of active wear pants I have ever owned and certainly a pair of pants I have worn more than any other.  They have reflective belt loops, a diamond construction crotch for cycling comfort and movement and are incredibly comfortable and durable.

They are also incredibly expensive - at least in this poor boy's book - costing me $90 in 2012.  I keep an eye on the clearance sales on the swrve website to see if I can snag another pair in blue or black.

A gift from my son several years ago - this burnt orange Polo pullover sweater - is another staple of my everyday and cycling wear - plus it goes perfectly with the gray Swrves and the orange laced Pearl Izumi cycling shoes.

Just need a red one and a blue one and I'd be set!

Got up this morning with one thing on my mind - well actually 3 things - sausage, eggs and pancakes - so I headed for the closest place I knew that had these and that's The Pantry on Cerillos in Santa Fe!

Naturally, I rode my bicycle there and of course I'm listening to my Five Finger Death Punch iHeart station which just happened to be pumping out some Animal tunes at this particular moment in time.

I may not be able to escape Myself but I can damn sure be the Best Animal I can be cause nobody's gonna tame me!

Did somebody mention Sausage, Eggs and Pancakes!

The Caveman in me just exited the table!

So what did I do after this binge meal?

Well of course I jumped right back on the wagon - I mean bike - and rode to Sprouts!

Where they had a plethora of precious prices on Paleo Pleasures!!!

Oh Please!!#*@!

As I have said before - you win or lose the Battle at the Grocery Store!

Don't buy it and Don't Bring it Home unless you plant to eat it or drink it, cause once it's home, you're gonna eat it or drink it!!!

Here's a refresher on that whole concept written over 18 months ago.

Might as well work off some of those pancakes lugging this load back home.

Yep - 2 bags of groceries fit in one of my massive and expansive Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus panniers.

They call them Bike Packer Plus because there's a specially made flexible rack that converts these bike panniers into a backpack.

Here's a video I did way back in 2010 about this pannier system -

Hard to believe I used to look like that!

Back to the here and now and the groceries in the pannier....

Now you know why I call my trusty 2007 Trek 3700 the Red Mule!

And for those struggling with the sugar cravings, try keeping a bowl full of fresh fruit and nuts in plain sight.  Yes many of these are high in sugar and carbs but, for me anyway, the human body seems to process fructose different from sucrose and it will at least keep you off the Junk Food Train while you get in the habit of controlling carb intake.

And for the Paleo Protein Prep, 2 fillets of Wild Caught Ahi Tuna and 3 portions of Sockeye Salmon dusted with Salt and fresh ground mixed Peppercorns and a mix of Curry Powder, Garam Masala, Allspice and Cumin.

So there's a little Fashion, Food and Fun Facts for ya!

Have a Great Saturday and try to Have Fun at this Blessing we call Life!

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