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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Santa Fe needs is a Few More Rednecks!

Living in Santa Fe is kinda like landing on another planet in a lot of respects.

They had a Women's March the other day in Santa Fe to protest Trump's statements about women.

Since I hadn't kept up with the election or Donald Trump or his stance on women, I had no idea what all the hullabaloo was about so I took the time to google the subject matter and came up with this article on 18 things Trump said about women.....

I chuckled a little bit as I scanned the list... chuckling because I agreed with about half the statements.

Not that I denigrate women in any way.

Quite the opposite - I think women are God's Greatest Creation.

And I treat them that way.

Which brings me to another point about Santa Fe and Women.

With the little bit of experience I've had in Santa Fe and with women in Santa Fe, it seems to me that a lot of the women population here is lacking some proper mannerly and manly attention.

And being the Texas boy I am, I was brought up in the culture of respect for women and all the common courtesies that go with that.

Like standing up when a lady leaves or arrives and pulling a chair out for them or opening the car door for them, buying them a drink at a social event - you get the picture.

Problem is in Santa Fe this seems to be a lost cause or at least a foreign invasion because as much money and as much culture as there is in Santa Fe, the art of treating a woman like a lady seems to have been lost.

I am amazed at how every woman I spend any time with, whether it be a first time meeting or a planned event, is amazed at being treated with a heightened level of societal etiquette and relational respect.

Where is your romance Santa Fe?

Where are the time honored traditions that no man seems to have time for or have been lost in time?

Maybe they reside in a simpler time and a simpler place a thousand miles south and east of here.

Maybe Santa Fe needs a Few More Rednecks.....

Or at least the Santa Fe women do.

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