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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If it ain't Broke - Just Run it, Jump it, Lift it, Fix it and Eat it!

Warm up for the Workout!

Probably one of the more challenging CrossFit style workouts I have done -

3 - 8 min AMRAPS with 2 min rest between each.

Lots of variety - Upper and Lower body workout - some skill movements, some power movements, some bodyweight movements.....

All out All difficult - Not for the Faint of Heart or Body.

This is where you separate the Talkers from the Walkers and the Wannabe's from the Can-do-it's!

Me and the Rock Ruled this WOD!!!

Just did one of the hardest 30 min Praxis workouts I've ever done and was at the top of the list with 442 total reps.

No deuce chunking today! Just thumbs up!

Been working on paring the weight down from 184 to the now 177 while maintaining strength but gaining on cardio.

Today's workout says it's working.

How do I do that?

Lots of protein, raw and cooked veggies and not much carbs or sugar.

I think they call that Paleo!

Another Killer Praxis workout -

Another Pork Chop with grilled Baby Bella mushrooms, Super Salad with tons of mint and basil and strawberries and Fuji apple, mixed veggies and Creatine and Protein.

If it ain't broke - just keep on keepin' on!

Run it, Jump it, Lift it, Fix it and Eat it!!!

Rinse and Repeat!

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