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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On top of Aspen Peak / Paleo / Praxis

I do 1 or 2 hikes a week with the Santa Fe Meetup Hiking Group.

Last Sunday was an off trail snowshoe hike up to Aspen Peak.

About 3-1/2 miles round trip but plenty of exercise with snowshoes on.

Decided the strength and weight gain had gone far enough so I went back to just the basics.

This was yesterday's Lunch and dinner.

Lunch protein was chicken thigh deboned and grilled in the cast iron skillet with super salad of cilantro and basil with lots of raw veggies and strawberries and grapes. Pan grilled onions, poblano and jalapeƱo peppers, yellow squash and peeled colored carrots with a bought shrimp - veggie wrap.

Dinner was a thin cut Pork chop with a rough repeat on the salad and veggies.
Really tasty and plenty of good eating and nutrition but not too many calories and very low carbs.

Eating like that cures the cravings because you get everything you need.

Another staple for my everyday diet is Basil!

I go through 2 - $2.99 boxes of this a week. I basically eat it like salad.
Drizzle with olive oil and dust with salt and pepper and TJs 21 Season Salute.

I also julienne it and use it as a garnish on meat, fresh veggies, grits, eggs - everything.

It is my new SUPER GREEN! 

I also use fresh mint on a lot of things especially fruit and nuts.

Mint and Basil. Good stuff.

Today's Praxis Workout -

An upper body blowout with 4 - 400m runs in there to keep the cardio going!

Did strict pull-ups with a 55# dumbbell for 3 reps and a 70# dumbbell for 1 rep and Rx'd the 4 rounds of 45# dumbbell renegade rows for 12 reps and 400 m run.

Same strength on the weighted pull-ups as I was 2 years ago so at least I haven't lost anything despite the challenges of a Left Knee Total Knee Replacement and being in the time of life when you should be losing Muscle Mass and Overall Strength.

This is obviously Bullshit - you can gain and maintain muscle mass, strength, agility and cardio capability at any age.

This is a great gym with really good instructors and the right mix of members for me.

It would be hard for me to find a better place than Praxis -

Followed up with a post workout Pork chop, Super Salad and Creatine / Protein mix.

So let's summarize:
  • Exercise as intensely as you can in a variety of outdoor and / or structured activities.
  • Eat as much protein, veggies, low sugar fruit and nuts and seeds as your body calls for.
  • Get proper rest and recuperation.
  • Lay off the alcohol and tobacco.
  • Control the Stress and Manage the Schedule.
There you go - there's your recipe for a Happy, Healthy Life.

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