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Monday, February 27, 2017

Max out Monday and a Response to a Wannabe Shrink!

Step 1: Ride bike 5 miles in 33 degree weather to Praxis - - for CrossFit workout.

Step 2: Do Warm-up.

Step 3: 5 rounds of 3 Heavy Squats - 15 Pull-ups - 75 pull-ups total.

Step 4: Then 4 - 2 minute rounds of 200m run and max # 135# cleans with squat in the remainder of each 2 mins with a 2 min rest between rounds.

Note: I had the Highest # of men's Rx reps so far today.

Step 5: Then a ride down Cerillos to the Pantry for...

Max carne adovado!!!

Good start to the week!!!

P.S. Recently, I had a "friend" ask me why I do these kind of all out body blowing workouts.  She asked if I was planning on competing in some event and then theorized that I was substituting extreme workouts and an outward show of physical fitness for happiness and contentment.

I think this is a case of - if I have to explain it - you wouldn't get it anyway but I returned the poke in the personality with the observation that her supposition was backwards in cause and effect - that for me, making the body right makes the life right.

And I think that is a fact and lifestyle approach that so many are missing out on.

For those that can be happy and content with a mediocre body and fitness level or even being obese and in a life threatening physical state - more power to them.  Personally, I think they are competing in events I would term Mediocrity and Misery, respectively.

But I would be willing to bet good money that for every one of those, there are 10 that would benefit from an eating plan that is low in processed foods, complex carbs and sugar and high in intense exercise.

As I have often stated, the only event I am competing in is The Human Race -

And at this point, I think I'm winning!

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