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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why I do CrossFit

Quite a few people have asked me and maybe even more wonder why I do CrossFit-style workouts.

For many, their exposure to CrossFit is limited to short TV documentaries that look at the extreme end of the particular curriculum - the CrossFit games - or people that are operating on the outer fringes of what CrossFit represents.

For them, it is a cult or a short-lived fad or a fanatical approach to fitness.

For them, I feel sorry.

For me, these workouts are less about working out and more about a lifestyle of balance.

For the workouts themselves are artful expressions of a balance of different movements, skills and techniques.

From Olympic lifting to Power lifting to gymnastics to calisthenics to agility to flexibility to dynamic explosive movements and controlled stress movements to running and jumping and pulling and pushing, going forward and backward and up and down.

Much of the stretching and warm-up movements are almost Pilates or yoga-like.

Then there is the Community.

As I have written about before, CrossFit people are a different slice of humanity.

Despite their backgrounds, race, political persuasion, vocations, gender or gender preference, they all have one thing in common.

They pursue physical fitness and excellence in an arena and curriculum that challenges their mind, body and spirit in a variety of ways and with an intensity that biases improvement.

In this short video, you see 8 individuals, of a wide spectrum of ages, body types and capabilities all giving it their all on a complex of 4 movements that challenges and stresses nearly every muscle in their body -

Hang Clean
Front Squat
Push Press

For 10 minutes, these 8 people join together in a Symphony of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Challenge, Pain and Discomfort that in a small way defines Who they Are and Who they Want to Be.

It is not all about a Workout, but it is much about the Expression of Self.

This is Why I do What I do.

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