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Saturday, February 11, 2017

I may be a Loser and I may be Old but I'm Still Pretty Fly for a White Guy!

I got up the morning after,
Having spent the night before,
Drinking too much wine,
Spending too much time,
Chasing the Life beyond my Reach,
Everything to Learn and Nothing to Teach.

Simply feeling like a.....

I finally left my own Pity Party and stumbled in to Praxis' Saturday Team Competition Workout.

2 - 3 man teams doing the following workout.

My team finished 3rd but there was a close cluster of 1 minute of time - 29:59, 30:40, 31:01 between the 3 teams.

Putting 30 minutes of all out effort into this kind of competitive workout will definitely take away the Saturday morning blahs and put you in a more positive frame of mind and body!

Ordered some red mirrored glasses because I wanted some to go with my red outfits.

Somebody the other day told me I was just looking for attention.

To which I replied..... 

"Well Hell Yeah - who wants to be invisible in this World?"

After all - all we have is the Here and Now....

So let's make the Biggest Bang for the Buck we can!

You know - what the World sees of us is Who We Are - whether We Like it or Not.

I was walking through Walmart today and did the normal shopping cart dodge with a lady coming down the aisle and looked up and flashed her the best smile I could.

She went past me and then turned around and said....

"You know - You have a beautiful smile!"

To which I replied -

"Thank You - I gave it to you so now you have to give it to someone else - Please Pass it On."

Sometimes the best part of someone's day is that momentary encounter with you.

Part of the Energy I have - Part of the Persona the World sees - is a result of the challenging, intense workouts I do but a lot of it is due to the Food I Eat.

Here's a cast iron skillet grilled 3/4" thick sirloin - $2.99 / lb at Smith's in Santa Fe - 4 minutes on each side with 5 minutes to rest sided with a Wild Rice mix with mixed veggies and a cilantro salad with a few Sweet Gherkins for the Perkins.

Part of what I am is Physical - Part of it is Attitude.

Yeah I may have failed at a lot of things and I may be a 54 year old clinging to the thrill, energy and enthusiasm of Youth....

But I'm Still Pretty Fly for a White Guy!!!

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