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Friday, September 21, 2012

You gotta know when you have an edge....

You gotta know when to pull the trigger.

Case in point... 

My workout this morning. 

Been building up for a breakout workout for 2 weeks now.... Adding classes, different workouts...

Boot camp with all kinds of dynamic movement, plyometrics and sprinting...

Yoga with static stress on the muscles in stretched, maximum range of motion positions. 

I've been feeling my body responding, rebelling.... Yet advancing.... Getting stronger, faster, more agile.

And I've been waiting for the right time for what I call a Breakout - Blowout Workout.... The kind of workout that takes me to the next level. 

Today.... This morning was the right time.... All the stars aligned.  

I slept late.... Till 6:45 am CST.... Well that's late for me. 

When I got up, my mind was clear and focused, my body was free of pain and I was ready to do something I hadn't done before in my workout. 

In the Body PumpWorkout, I added an extra 10% on my squats.... The quintessential ALL BODY exercise and nailed 100+ reps. 

I felt the extra weight but never had any doubt I would blow the set out. 

The whole workout was like that. 

It was the right time to move up to a new level.  I had prepared. I had done my homework. My mind was right. My body was ready. I had already visualized the doing of it in my mind's eye. 

I had an advantage and I stuck the landing. 

You know where this is going.... Don't ya?

What were the elements of this success?

Patience and Preparation.

When it's right you know it...

When it's good you feel it.  

Time and Timing in Life....

Is Everything. 

Hope your day is going well.

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