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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Morning Wake-up Call...:

Good Morning World!!!

If you're not already up and attem, you should be. 

What are you gonna do today - this morning - that you can look back at 6 pm and say....

Yeah I did that. I did good.  I took care of business. I took care of me. 

Got commitments to family, friends or work today. That's OK. 

Get you a cup of coffee or tea or whatever and knock out 50 squats with just your body weight.... Followed by 20 pushups....
And 50 crunches....
And 40 mountain climbers from the plank position. 

Or take a walk around the block. 

Then make you a nice breakfast that contains elements your body is asking for. 

Me?  I'm doing a fruit, nut and cheese mix and then riding my bike 4 miles to FF and doing an hour of Body Pump and an hour of Yoga. 

 Then I might take a ride down to the beach and take a stroll on the jetties. 

Gotta go. Body Pump starts at 8:30 AM CST. 

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