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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Put a fork in me....

Cause I'm done!!!

P of M does it better than the original. 

We're just one Revolution from becoming a bunch of...

Have you seen the new series "Revolution"?

Gotta watch it. It's so absurd it's good. 

Oh well, we're all just....

43.2 miles in 3 hours 9 mins for a 13.7 mph avg on a Mountain Bike. 

Last time I did it, it took me 3 hours 40 mins. 

Who says things don't get better with age?


  1. Your just improving so much with age.

  2. Thanks.... in some ways.... Yes.

    My health and fitness is on par with where it was 10 - 12 years ago minus the pain.

    Other things... not so much.

    But the key for me is health first and then everything else will follow....