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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to make Healthy Food for 2 People for 5 days for $20 - Part 2

Whilst the vegetable butchery was going on, I was heating the cast iron Dutch oven with a little Canola oil....


Cause the next step
Is to sear the roast on every side.


Because it locks in the juices and gives it that nice browned look on the outside. 

Sear it on every side....

Even the thin sides. 

Doing it in a Dutch oven helps because you can stand the roast up against the sides. 

While the roast is browning, continue the vegetable prep. 

Everything gets a coating of olive oil and all the seasonings the roast got. 

This is key....

You season by layers. 

Once the first roast is browned on every side, throw in the first batch of vegetables on the same pot you browned the roast in... In this case it's the potatoes. 

Giving all the vegetables a quick sauté in the drippings from the roast is a step most people don't take and it is a little extra work but it makes the vegetables and the broth they will produce taste much better. 

Plus they look better.

I fired up a cast iron skillet to speed up the process and started the second pork roast browning. 

So now I'm tag teaming the veggies and the roast at the same time. 

Potatoes out....

Butternut squash in....

Remember we're not cooking the veggies all the way through.... Just a nice browning in the juice from the roast. 

Store the cooked potatoes in a large container for later division between the 2 pots. 

Keep on keeping on. 

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